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Around The World
In 80 Days

House of Gucci

The Addams Family 2: Road Trip


Clifford The
Big Red Dog

Sing 2

No Way Home

The King's Man


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King Richard

(M) January 27


(M) February 3

Marry Me

(PG) February 10

Death on the Nile

(M) February 10


(CTC) February 17

The Batman

(CTC) March 3

Monster Family 2

(PG) March 3

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Dine & Discover NSW

Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers - Frequently Asked Questions

Great News!
The Dine & Discover program has
been extended unitl June 30, 2022

Q. Can I purchase a gift voucher using my Discover voucher?
A: No, you CANNOT as it violates the Dine & Discover programs terms and conditions.

Q: Can I use my Discover voucher to purchase movie tickets online?
A: No, the vouchers must be redeemed in person.

Q: What can I purchase there with my Discover voucher?
A: You can redeem your voucher for only movie tickets and candy bar items.

Q: If the amount is over $25, can I use more than 1 Discover voucher?
A: Although you can only redeem 1 voucher per day, you can
combine your voucher with another person's voucher.

Q: Can I use a Discover voucher if the total is less than $25?
A: Yes, you can, but neither you nor us will receive the leftover amount.
Any balance of funds is given up. We highly recommend
you get more candy bar items. :)

For more information visit Dine & Discover NSW

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